Diary of a loser

9th October 2014

Well here I am kgs lighter – cms smaller and feeling pretty darn FANTASTIC!!
I know I could have lost a lot more if I hadn’t had a few wrong foods here and there and if I ramped up the exercise a bit which is starting to happen now the weather is getting better… and of course if I hadn’t been holding onto my weight a bit out of fear of change – which I didn’t even realise I was doing
I think the thing that has changed the most now is how I look at things and how I catch myself BEFORE I comfort eat … a close member of my family was diagnosed with lung cancer this week and my brain straight away thought OMG I need comfort junk food to get through this!! But the new me said no u don’t – ur hurting, scared and feeling out of control – its not junk food u need. And I got through that initial shock and fear without reaching for the hamburger or chocolate bar – I could never have done that before. I also now catch myself before I boredom eat, lonely eat, celebration eat, – I cant believe how often my emotions used to have me reaching for food even when I wasn’t hungry – I am not cured of that yet – but I am aware enough to stop myself before the damage is done!
I have been trying out some new recipes and trying to eat fresh and healthy as much as I can and I find taking pics of my meals keeps me motivated to make them look good and keeps me honest as far as portions and content. The other night we had been out and it was getting late and the conversation turned to just grabbing a takeaway… that was really quite funny because within a few minutes I had gone through the list of options and decided there was enough goodies at home to toss a salad together and we could do the nights chores while some meat cooked.. win win – saved some $$$ and a lot of fat and calories!!! I actually no longer crave or even feel like junk food and takeaway.
I am now up to step 8 of the 12 step Living Slim program and I know I have already made lifelong changes to my health and lifestyle – I have learnt so much and had so many light bulb moments and because it isn’t all laid on me at once I have time to get used to something before the next step teaches me something else.. and that works really well for me – as I don’t feel overwhelmed at all.
I am really looking forward to the rest of the steps and the rest of my life


a healthy lifestyle leads to


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