Diary of a Loser (from my awesome client Janine)

80 20 rule




After firing up at the gym and eating more healthily for over 3 weeks and losing almost 3 and1/2kgs I hit what has so far been my biggest challenge.. a family holiday for almost 2 weeks.

Of course holidays mean relaxing, extra food.. drinkies with friends.. bbqs… and I had a ball… until the day we were coming home and I thought oh crap – how much damage have I done… have I undone all of that work…

Stepping on the scales at home I was actually shocked to see that I had only put on 2kgs… considering the amount of alcohol and indulging I had participated in that wasn’t really too bad… but I had also walked a lot.. climbed stairs..shopped and shopped…. ANYWAY – I now have the tools and knowledge of how to remedy that – so Monday I headed straight back to the gym expecting to feel some real pain after almost 2 weeks off… but it was great to get back into it – and by this morning I had said goodbye to one of those nasty little kgs that had tried to come live on my hips again – so today I put in a bit more effort and tonight plodded off on a 5km walk in a bid to evict the other kg and any of his mates who want to hang around..

Health experts talk a lot about the 80/20 rule… that u should eat healthy 80% of the time and I also now see that it is possible to still have a life – to still go on holidays and have fun without feeling like u have to count every calorie.. because for 80% of the time this is my new every day lifestyle – being more active and healthy – and the holidays and Christmases and weddings and other occasions that may include little naughty bits only make up 20% of life….  I CAN DO THIS… I am already doing it .. enjoying it..living it.. loving it.. I feel stronger – fitter – healthier – happier – more confident and more alive than I have in years 😀  Janine.80 percent diet 20 percent exercise









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