Diary Of A Loser – Week 3


WOW! 2 weeks in – almost the longest I have ever stuck to any kind of fitness / healthier eating plan!

I have been to see my new mate Gym almost every day (because I have to have a rest day) – twice some days and even though I don’t do a lot there compared to most of the members – I do more than I had been doing sitting on my couch and try to do a little bit more each time I go…

I have learnt so much in the last 2 weeks about fitness and nutrition – and about myself and the reasons I had trouble losing weight previously – my friends that I enlisted to be my gym buddies are all doing well and all turning up every day and enjoying it as much as I do – it makes it so much more fun and comfortable to have your mates with you! And of course we are all learning from each other and from Alana via the Living Slim pages about good food – exercise and the important part changing your mindset plays in finally unlocking that key to success!!


I truly believe in my heart that the mentoring I get from Alana is what is going to keep me going.. she doesn’t judge – she doesn’t push – (too hard) – she encourages and explains and understands my fears and needs and I think that’s the key!

Every time I think about having just one little naughty bit of whatever – I hear Alana’s voice reminding me that this is not who I am or how I want to be – I am no longer a slave to food or sugar or cravings – I can walk away from the fridge empty handed and not care!! And I have come to actually enjoy exercise – and I have tried things I would never have tried before – when it comes to trying a different exercise or food – I just remember the words – “if you always do what you have always done – you will always get what you have always got”… which in my case was fat and unhealthy and unfit – SO …… I am making changes – every day – because I know they will become habits – good positive healthy habits that will get me to where I want to be – which is slim healthy fit active sexy and successful – and I am already 2 weeks closer to being just that!!! No going back… No excuses…. And if I can do this – anybody can!!! JFDI!!!!!!! J


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