Have you tried everything to lose weight and always wanted to look slimmer and be healthy but didn’t know where to start because of life challenges that got in the way?

Or perhaps you see it as this gigantic scary life change so it’s always being put in the ‘too hard’ basket? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Losing weight, feeling fit and healthy can be fun, easy and super rewarding.

Why Men Made Me Fat

In this book, you learn the secrets how to re-program your mind, to become more self-aware to be able to make better choices for your health and lifestyle. Alana Carpenter reveals her own successful strategies around how she got her life back on track and lost over 20 kilos. By going through her own weight loss challenges, she discovered the missing link – The MINDSET. She has now helped many others do it for themselves and now you can do it too.


Read her story, use the tools, strategies and steps you need to follow to improve your life and have the Self-Esteem and Confidence you truly desire to take back your POWER.


Empower yourself and start losing weight today!


“ If you only do something
When you’re motivated
Then you will be a
Slave to your emotions”


This book is available for immediate purchase for $30 plus $6.95 shipping anywhere in Australia.

Book - Why Men Made Me Fat
Book - Why Men Made Me Fat

Overseas orders please contact me for shipping costs.

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