Reinvent Your Vibrant Self In Bali November 2015

Re-energize & Re-connect with the Inner YOU

Soul Re-invention Workshop

A fabulous retreat 8-17th November 2015

Have you lost your sparkle?
Do you remember who you are?
Do you want to find that inner soul – your essence again?
Does life take over your dreams and leave you tired and drained?

If any of this is echoing through your soul then join 14 other privilaged women in this tropical paradise.
Take time for just you on the island of Bali for 10 glorious days staying at the Alam Sari Villas, Ubud. (see link –

For a sensational price of $2995 – this includes international return airfares from Australia, idyllic accommodation, fabulous indonesian fusion food, workshops, local guides and drivers who are rich in culture and traditions, a Balanese traditional massage, seeing this fabulous village, temples and sights that Bali offers and much, much more.

Soul Reinvention Workshop Sessions
During our journey together I’ll take you through processes to think bigger than before and grow in areas and ways you would otherwise not have imagined.

Be empowered to have a different outlook and a fresh perspective on your life.

Session 1- Are you in balance?
To create a wonderful life that flows and makes your heart & soul sing, you need to have more balance in all areas of your life. Get clear on how balanced or imbalanced your life is and which areas need more attention.

Session 2 – Uncover your hidden commitments
Women are often too hard on themselves and think they have to do it all, only to run themselves emotionally and physically drained and feeling like a failure. When you find out what you value most this is where your biggest wealth is hidden as well as the area where no motivation is required to make great progress.

Session 3 – Unlocking bad habits
Having an understanding of what drives us in one of the most important aspects in realising why you are stuck at your current situation. Determining your core needs and how to satisfy them will give you ultimate joy and happiness in your life.

Session 4 – Raise your vibration
Learn practical and metaphysical steps as part of your daily habits to raise your vibration to experience many benefits such as feeling energized & radiant, empowered, alive, free and to have even better health and vitality.

Session 5 – Secrets to overcoming fear
Fear stands in the between us and our ability to make decisions, take action, ask for what we want, even to know what we really want. Get clear on what’s holding you back and be in control.

Session 6 – Getting clear of tolerations and letting go
We tend to get dragged down and overwhelmed by everyday life. Now is the time to identify what you’re tolerating and start resolving them. Free up your energy and ‘lighten your load’ and allow good things to flow into your life by letting go.

Session 7 – 4 critical levels of thinking and mindset success principles
Understanding these 4 levels of thinking can help you to grow, learn and stretch yourself, improving the quality of your life and be an inspiration to others.

Session 8 – Tips for recharging the mind & body
Fun and practical solutions to keep your mind, body and spirit in healthy balance which nurtures your inner happiness. Reconnect, rejuvenate and find your sparkle once again.

If your interested in joining us please email us your details and we can send out further information and flexible payment options.

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