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Diary of a loser by Janine 20th November 2014 Well here I am at the end of my 12 weeks program but certainly NOT at the end of my journey – I have lost regained and re-lost weight but mostly I have learnt so much to help me with the journey ahead. Having someone like Alana to coach me has been an incredible experience – every time I felt like I was faltering she was there to remind me all about the bigger picture – every week I learnt more about food and nutrition – how the body and mind work and about myself.I have done things I had never thought possible – I have stretched myself more than ever before and I have loved every minute of it.I have learnt that fresh healthy food is easier to prepare and yummier to eat that any unhealthy choice – I have learnt that exercise is not a chore and can actually be fun and rewarding – especially when done with loved ones. I know now that the ONLY thing holding me back is ME and that I really do have a choice to make a change – and I have seen that even small changes can make a huge difference – and changes in outlook and attitude are the most important of all!I have a whole folder of info and exercises to go back over any time I need renewed inspiration and motivation – and the almost daily motivation from Alana’s pages on facebook that remind me how good it feels to fuel my body properly and get out and live .I cannot recommend Alana’s program more highly – and want to thank Alana for the time and effort she has put into to helping me become the person I want to be and live the life that I want to live. x  Janine...

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Diary Of A Loser Oct 22

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Janine blog – Diary Of A Loser 22nd October 2014 Alana had mentioned a few times about bushwalking – not something I had ever done or ever wanted to do but she loves it – and I love hearing about her adventures… but then she said she would take me one day – the fear of God overshadowed me in that moment then I just though nah – it wont happen – I will be sick that day – or hurt my ankle or think of some awesome excuse – I had no desire whatsoever to go off traipsing through the bush for “fun”! Then the day arrived….. I tossed up the idea of making an excuse but then I thought oh why not – I can always turn back if its too hard – what’s half an hour or so of walking on a flat track – I can cope with that.. and that’s what we did – walked for about 20 minutes along a skinny but fairly easy track beside the Mersey River – when we made it to the platypus viewing area at Shale Rd I was pretty impressed with myself – I had bushwalked like a pro – I had done it – whoo hoo!!! We sat and had a short rest watching the kids skimming rocks on the water in the sun – a gentle breeze cooling us off after our walk. Then Alana said ok are you ready to move on – thinking we were in for a bit more of the same I was quite happy to continue – we went up a bit of a rocky track which I almost refused to travel but I gave it a go and then we turned left and faced the biggest hurdle of my life…. LARGE rocks that had to be climbed over to continue – I just laughed – AS IF I can do that – I turned and looked behind me for the quickest safest escape route but realised that going backwards was possibly the harder option… oh dear – now what – ok its either live here on this rock or keep going…. So I kept going – I touched dirty rocks – wet rocks – I stepped in mud and in water – I walked onwards and upward and upward and upward then downward and upward and climbed over fallen trees and despite being pretty warm and sweaty and huffing and puffing = the absolute beauty of that place did not escape me – it was so tranquil and pretty…. We walked and walked chatting away and after 2 hours I could see the red of my car through the...

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Diary of a loser

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Diary of a loser 9th October 2014Well here I am kgs lighter – cms smaller and feeling pretty darn FANTASTIC!! I know I could have lost a lot more if I hadn’t had a few wrong foods here and there and if I ramped up the exercise a bit which is starting to happen now the weather is getting better… and of course if I hadn’t been holding onto my weight a bit out of fear of change – which I didn’t even realise I was doingI think the thing that has changed the most now is how I look at things and how I catch myself BEFORE I comfort eat … a close member of my family was diagnosed with lung cancer this week and my brain straight away thought OMG I need comfort junk food to get through this!! But the new me said no u don’t – ur hurting, scared and feeling out of control – its not junk food u need. And I got through that initial shock and fear without reaching for the hamburger or chocolate bar – I could never have done that before. I also now catch myself before I boredom eat, lonely eat, celebration eat, – I cant believe how often my emotions used to have me reaching for food even when I wasn’t hungry – I am not cured of that yet – but I am aware enough to stop myself before the damage is done! I have been trying out some new recipes and trying to eat fresh and healthy as much as I can and I find taking pics of my meals keeps me motivated to make them look good and keeps me honest as far as portions and content. The other night we had been out and it was getting late and the conversation turned to just grabbing a takeaway… that was really quite funny because within a few minutes I had gone through the list of options and decided there was enough goodies at home to toss a salad together and we could do the nights chores while some meat cooked.. win win – saved some $$$ and a lot of fat and calories!!! I actually no longer crave or even feel like junk food and takeaway. I am now up to step 8 of the 12 step Living Slim program and I know I have already made lifelong changes to my health and lifestyle – I have learnt so much and had so many light bulb moments and because it isn’t all laid on me at once I have time to get used to something before the next step teaches me something else.. and that...

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Diary Of A Loser

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  Diary Of A Loser Well I have surprised myself – not only have I stuck at going to the gym and choosing better food options for over 6 weeks – but I have also been actually enjoying my new healthier more active lifestyle!! What has changed the most is my mindset and my outlook on health, fitness, life and who I am and who I want to be. I have realised that I had placed so many obstacles in front of myself – deep seated obstacles to hide behind that had been with me since I was a chubby grade 3 teased for being a bit slower than the other kids… I soon learnt how to avoid exercise so that the others wouldn’t be able to hurt me like that again… not realising – even as an adult – that I was only hurting myself. I think the last time I swam in a public pool was when I was about 12 – I used to tell the teacher it was my time of the month EVERY WEEK to avoid having to wear bathers – even though realistically I wasn’t THAT much bigger than the other girls in high school… it was just that in-ground fear of ridicule that held me back. That was until 2 weeks ago – when my beautiful friend Leah suggested she would come and do a workout with me if I had a swim with her afterwards – A SWIM!!!! IN A PUBLIC POOL!!!!! IN MY SWIMWEAR!!!!!!! Oh dear….. the old me was screaming out nooooooooooo!!!!! But the new me said hey why not – lets do this…. So I shaved my legs, wacked on a dob of fake tan, hunted down the new bathers I bought a few weeks earlier thinking they may or may not ever get used… and toddled off to the gym… The workout was fun – Leah and I had a good giggle at the thought of us actually exercising together when for almost 20 years we had only ever done milo or drank alcohol… then came swim time…. I expected my anxiety to try and take over – clammy hands – cold sweat… nope – it didn’t happen – I got changed and prepared for the long walk of shame from the change rooms to the pool – the longest 4 or 5 metres I have ever walked…. My lily white chubby legs (the fake tan didn’t work) didn’t even miss a step as I headed for the pool and popped myself in – oh pure heaven after being in the gym – I took a bit of a look around – a couple people all doing...

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Breakfast Muffins

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Breakfast Muffin   1 cup coconut flour 1 cup almond meal 1 tablespoon cinnamon 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 4 eggs 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted 3 bananas, mashed   1. Preheat oven to 180°C. 2. Put first 5 ingredients in large bowl and combine well. 3. Beat eggs and add to mixture. 4. Add coconut oil and bananas and stir thoroughly till combined. 5. Put into muffin tin for 20-30 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean. Enjoy!   An easy healthy breakfast on the go or portable snack idea. ♥       Share this with your friends on...

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