My South Coast Track Adventure – Melaleuca to Cockle Creek (82km – 6 days)

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I believe there is a difference between Bushwalking and Adventuring. A bushwalk I believe is a journey from A to B. The word adventure comes in when you start to add variables. The South Coast Track is an adventure, as the variables can dictate your trip.  These variables include inclement weather, flooded rivers and creeks and track conditions.  It is because of this I wanted to write a blog so others can get a glimpse of what this kind of walk is like and why I do what I do.   The South Coast Track is recommended to be walked from west to east. The start of the track begins at Melaleuca, a remote airstrip deep into the South West on the banks of Bathurst Harbor.  Melaleuca has two basic huts, a bird watching platform and a family home owned by the King family who commenced mining at Melaleuca in the 1930’s. A mistake that is often made is that walkers worry too much about the horizontal distance covered. Kilometers don’t mean much in Tasmania, some sections of the state you can cover 25km in a day quite comfortably, but depending on the terrain, you may only be able to cover 3 or 4 km in a day. The wildlife on the South Coast Track isn’t as abundant here as other sections of Tasmania, due to the ruggedness of the terrain and the weather, but still didn’t keep the rats from eating into one of our packs to get to the food. There is no mobile phone reception here either, just you and Mother Nature.   Day 1 – Melaleuca to Cox Bight My partner Leon and I Left Par Avion Airport, got great aerial view of some of the track that we walked over. Once arriving into Melaleuca, a quick look at the old and new huts then off we went. Left at 2pm along board walk over the buttongrass plains. Half way there it decided to pour down with rain, so the gore-tex coats had to come out. I didn’t really want to get wet on the first day, it makes the pack and things heavier and uncomfortable.  My feet started to hurt fairly early, probably because I hadn’t walked in a while and the boards can be bit hard on the feet. There was bit slosh and mud and the first day of walking always seems hard to get back into the swing of things with backpack and boots, and this time having to last 6 days my pack was heavier than what I normally would carry for fewer days. It was about on dark when we arrived at camp site at 5pm, so had to...

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Book – Why Men Made Me Fat

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Have you tried everything to lose weight and always wanted to look slimmer and be healthy but didn’t know where to start because of life challenges that got in the way? Or perhaps you see it as this gigantic scary life change so it’s always being put in the ‘too hard’ basket? It doesn’t have to be that way. Losing weight, feeling fit and healthy can be fun, easy and super rewarding. In this book, you learn the secrets how to re-program your mind, to become more self-aware to be able to make better choices for your health and lifestyle. Alana Carpenter reveals her own successful strategies around how she got her life back on track and lost over 20 kilos. By going through her own weight loss challenges, she discovered the missing link – The MINDSET. She has now helped many others do it for themselves and now you can do it too.   Read her story, use the tools, strategies and steps you need to follow to improve your life and have the Self-Esteem and Confidence you truly desire to take back your POWER.   Empower yourself and start losing weight today!   “ If you only do something When you’re motivated Then you will be a Slave to your emotions”   This book is available for immediate purchase for $30 plus $6.95 shipping anywhere in Australia. Book - Why Men Made Me Fat $30.00 Overseas orders please contact me for shipping...

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Spring Special

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For a limited time you can receive a professional 1 hour Mindset Coaching Session Your investment – Just $25 – Total value $147     To take advantage of this special offer, simply call Alana on 0400 662 822 Presented by Alana Carpenter – Ultimate Weight Loss & Life Coach Mentor...

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Rhonda Recommends

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Recently I attended a number of sessions with Alana who taught us about changing our mind set.  Each week we put our knowledge  to the test and all had great results.  We all lost weight, felt better about ourselves, thought about why healthy food is better and learnt how to change our minds before eating food which could put on weight.  Living Slim is not about diets, scales and the worry about being guilty.   Alana teaches you how to enjoy food and opens up a whole new world with easy steps which are fun and challenging whilst you are making a positive difference to your life.  If you are thinking of losing weight, have tried diets and put the weight back on, Alana has all the answers to teach you how to lose weight for life and still feel positive and happy without feeling deprived. you can still eat your favorite foods!   Changing our mind set can be applied not only to losing weight but to  many aspects of our lives, business success, relationships etc.   Alana’s experience and wealth of knowledge shines through , I would not hesitate to recommend her for YOUR life coach....

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